A Night of Disquieting Joy @ Artisphere, Rosslyn, VA

A Night of Disquieting Joy is comprised of video, sculpture, and performance work by four artists who engage directly with queering the expectations of performance art. These performers bring a sense of humor to their work and acknowledge that sometimes contemporary art is too stern and deserves to smile a little. Moments of humor magnify the quiet and more reflective gestures that emerge during a performance. Steven Frost (Los Angeles, CA) will serve as curator and host for the event adapting his performance practice in a late variety show.  Kris Harzinski & Will Haughery (Philadelphia, PA) combine performance and video in a piece that explores personal limits and the culture of performance art. I the video My Ronald Reagan Collection,  Katie Hargrave (Minneapolis, MN) discusses the history of objects in relation to a pack of 30-year-old Newport lights. All the artist in the program leverage audience expectations to create tension, joy, and at times even disgust.

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