Group Show – Platform Gallery, Seattle, WA 12.1-12.17

One more kiss then we’re history

Cobi Moules, Kelli Connell, Molly Landreth, Steve Locke, Steven Frost

December 1 to 17, 2011

Opening, First Thursday, December 1, 6 to 8PM

This exhibition brings together the work of several artists who deal with gender identity, persona, and sexual orientation as conceptual frameworks for their art-making. Each of the artists approach the subject from different mediums, intensities, and points of view.

Steven Frost is fascinated by the spectacle and the often extreme masculinity exhibited in professional wrestling, particularly as played out in Mexican Lucha Libre culture. His fiber-based objects hint at the tension between masculinity and queerness through the use of everyday materials combined in visually surprising ways. In this exhibition, his painted, sewn, and transformed hand towels “address the perceived wrongness of my love of sweat, tears, and cum. They merge somewhere between: a cum rag crumbled under the bed; the athlete wiping himself during a bout; a towel used by Vegas-era Elvis then sold on eBay. This wrong-love translates into my assertion that fringe, sequins, gold, metal studs and floral motifs are not cheap or tasteless, but have a value given to them by their audience.” The titles of the works are drawn from various writings by Jean Genet. “Genet’s penchant for rough trade and lack of shame in expressing this “wrongness” moves through a lot of my work. In particular a quote from the Miracle of the Rose, ‘…beauty is the projection of ugliness and by developing certain monstrosities we obtain the purest ornaments.’”

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