Camp C.A.R.P.A

In the Spring of 2013 I asked three other artists to help put together a show of video, performance, cocktail tips, and joy. They contributed work and I served as the evening’s host. The host I play is a tattooed, sometimes sober version of Bob Hope for artists. CARPA allowed me to take an art gallery road show and re-imagine it for a war torn, post zombie future, with real big problems and limited resources. Problems like how does one design a Karaoke machine that does not use electricity? (The answer is with salvage Ikea Kid’s furniture). American has faced many apocalypses like Katrina, AIDS, the economic downturn. America exports culture regardless of the crisis at hand. I wondered if this tradition would continue after the fall. I asked Theo Knox and Jordan Long separately to join me in imagining work for this future.